I just purchased a new Intel Pentium 4(3.06Ghz), 533 Mhz FSB, supporting
EM64T (as written in the box).
It has 1 MB cache size, package type = LGA 775, processor number = 524

Features: (as shown in the dropdown combo box when cpu speed =3.06,
processor number = 524)

Enhanced Halt State (CIE)
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology
Execute Disable Bit
Hyper-Threading Technology
Intel EM64T
Intel Thermal Monitor 2
Intel Virtualization Technology

I wonder if I could benefit from these features when running AMD64 version.
On i386 install, I just enabled SMP and the OS happilly reported 2 logical
cpus, however, I'm not sure how I will build a particular
application to benefit from this hyperthreading thing. There are certain
knobs when configuring a particular application that says
--enable-pthreads. Does it have something to do with this HT thing? Is it a
bad idea to always "pkg_add" rather than "make install"??

Also, I'm concerned with EM64T. Let's say I installed the AMD64 version,
those software I will be building via
ports will pick up this EM64T thing, right?? No additional knobs? So they
run faster? AMD64 is on tier 1 right? Are there any caveats? Will my
mplayer, xawtv, and snd_hda patch work flawlessly just like it use to in

Howabout this hardware based Virtualization? 'You got any experience on
making this work? I mean, running completely different operating system at
once, like that of Xen, Virtuozzo, VMware etc.

I will consult Intel's docs soon, in the meantime, any idea what are these?

Enhanced Halt State (CIE) - Is this supported?

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology - I think this has something to do with
overclocking.. still need to check on their site.
Execute Disable Bit - According to the wiki, it has something to do with
countering buffer overflow attacks right? is this supported?
Intel Thermal Monitor 2 - still have to check if mbmon will work on this

That's all folks.

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