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> The whole idea is this. I have to extract two different databases to csv 
> files. One takes about an 1 hour, the other 1.5 hours. The problem is my 
> time window, which is 2 hours. So extracting one after the other is not 
> an option. After both extractions are complete, it should load the csv 
> files into a target database.

Andrew has a point - I think you are going the *very* hard way around...
an easier way , i think, may be :
dump1.sh : handles extraction of first DB. Checks its own return status AND
write to a tmp file flagging success or failure (i dont know, dump1.ok or
dump1.bad... or different content which you can cat / grep for...)

dump2.sh : same as dump1, with obvious differences.

 loader.sh : loops, check for both .ok flags ,  wait if not there yet and
handle as it should.

Launch a term, run screen (if running on a remote server..this would be a
must, i think...) , launch dump1.sh, then from another session, dump2.sh . Or
use cron if you dont like screen.
and , of course, launch loop.sh to monitor them both... 

may have more components...but it's far easier to get it right, IMHO

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