Good am,

OK, I think I am getting closer.

The system returns this upon install:

Name: da0
Geometry: 17849 cyls/255  heads/63   286744185 sectors (140011MB)

The SCSI drive, non-raid, that I want to install on is 146 gigs, nominally.

What is puzzling me, however, is that the next reports do not appear to show
even the existence of the three SAS 73 gig drives, two of which are in a SAS
raid 1 configuration and one of which is a standalone drive.

The reports are:

Offset    st           end       name    ptype       desc
subtype       flags

0         16065        06064       -     12          unused               0

16065    286728120    286744184    da0s2   4        extended dos, LBA

286744185   5295      286749479    -       12        unused               0

Prior to the install options, bsd indicates that it finds the drives,
identifying them as A,C D,E and referring to the BIOS.

If I am correct, it is offering me the opportunity to install to the 146 gig
SCSI dirve, but not on any of the others.

Does the group agree with this and if so, given that it appeared to note all
the drives in the machine, why am I not given the chance to install anywhere
I want?

Many thanks!

Bob Schwartz
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> Also, your (or someone else's) suggestion that I disconnect the others 
> for the moment is a good one...and I guess that that would do, except 
> that I would not end up with a boot manager when I hook the others 
> back up afterwards?
> Also, what, if anything, would that do to any of the data on the other 
> drives after the fact?

That's a safe bet, from the standpoint of the Windows installations, but it
can cause grief if you try to plug everything back in.  I've had problems
with the BIOS moving drives around, then FreeBSD can't figure out which
drive it should be mounting off.  I'm not saying it's a bad idea, all I'm
saying is that it might not produce a long-term usable installation.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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