Christopher Illies wrote:
> Is anyone successfully running wine emulating Windows 98 on FreeBSD
> 6.X?

Which programs are you trying to run?  I think you have a greater chance
of getting responses if you tell us that.

> I know that wine used to have problems on FreeBSD and I never got it
> to run properly with some programs. I now tried again, but without
> success. Before going through the trouble of trouble-shooting and
> posting error messages I would like to know whether it is worth my
> while.

I have had some problems with wine myself, and I find the documentation
and "good advice" offered lacking in many respects.

But I want to tell you that things seem to improve.  I have just
compiled wine 0.9.24, and for the first time it now runs my favorite
photo editor without a hitch.  I believe it very much depends on what
programs you are trying to run and the effort you put into it.

Besides, what is the alternative?  I have tried qemu, and I think it is
not the right thing for my purposes - I would rather dual boot Windows
as long as I can make a handful of frequently used programs run under
wine.  But this is obviously a very personal choice - we all have
different needs.

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