Good day all.

I am trying to get the vtiger CRM going on two
machines with varying success.

I installed all the software packages required by
vtiger: php5, mysql50-server and client, and the
latest apache version 2, all with exactly the same
compile options.  I also made all the necessary
adjustments to mysql, php and apache configuration
files. I grabbed the compressed archive from and extracted it under my Apache document
root. The web-based setup went smoothly, on both
machines. However after the setup was done and it was
time to test the CRM, I was able to go past the login
screen (claiming I typed the wrong password) on one of
the machines, but not on the other one. I tried the
setup procedure various times on the second machine,
but no luck.

The only two differences between the two machines
(software wise of course) is that the machine I was
able to get vtiger to work is a 5.5-RELEASE, while the
other one is a 6.1-p10. The second difference is that
the 5.5 machine uses md5 for passwords, and 6.1

I know that this question doesn't pertain particularly
to FreeBSD, but maybe people who installed the usual
php/apache/mysql under FreeBSD (which isn't uncommon)
have experienced something similar.

Thanks in advance.
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