Here's a complicated VPN question:

I have one FreeBSD machine behind a firewall (let's call it WORK),
only way thru is via VPN - unfortunately, the VPN in use is an old
proprietary Cisco deal that has no client ported to FreeBSD.

The other machine (also FreeBSD, call it HOME), is on a dynamic IP,
but with the dns name served thru - so anytime the IP
changes, there's maybe an hour or two of lag time while the auto
update scripts get the dns back on track.

What I want to do is initiate a VPN connection from WORK to HOME, and
here's where I show my VPN ignorance, connect thru that VPN connection
from HOME to WORK.  Basically I want to work from home on a secure
connection rather than just getting my work machine to pop a terminal
up on the home display over an insecure connection.

I suspect this won't work this way, but I figure what the hell.  The
worst that can happen is someone tells me I'm a dope and it don't work
that way.

So will it, or not?

Louis LeBlanc               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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