Eric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> No bites on this yesterday. can anyone shed some light on it?

Most of us assume that one would only use non-standard security
configurations if one *really* knew exactly what one was doing...

> is this something i should or shouldnt have in my make.conf?
> I use openssh-portable-4.4.p1 on my machines and cannot recall when
> NO_OPENSSL= true was added to make.conf.
> is this something I should keep in my make.conf? what are the
> implications if i keep it vs removing it?

Are you getting SSL from a port?  If not, you should remove it to get
updates to the base system version.  [SSH uses SSL, but doesn't
include its own version; it uses the base or ports version, as
directed by some port makefile logic that I haven't looked through
very carefully.]

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