On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 11:12:43AM -0500, Bob Schwartz wrote:

> >>Sorry for top posting, but I think, given the conditions you specify,
> probably the best thing for you to do is buy another drive - and replace one
> of the others to experiment with FreeBSD for a while.<<
> Kindly see my post of this am and tell me, please, if you still think this
> is necessary. I do have another scsi drive that I can daisychain off of the
> adaptec legacy card, but as it is, I don't think the system is showing me
> all the drives for install anyway, even as it is picking them up 'earlier"
> in the hardware inventory process.
> And the scsi drive is a redundent backup drive already...as I use the
> "freestanding" 73 gig drive for backups now....so I have already removed its
> partition and it sits waiting for the install. Once I understand what I am
> really seeing as drive install options...my other post will, I hope, make
> that clear enough for someone here to tell me....and assuming I am seeing
> what I think, it looks as if I can just go ahead?

Well, if you don't need the drive for something else, then use it
for FreeBSD.

I don't know why you are not seeing the menu for selecting drives.
The only thing that sounds slightly different about what you have
said about getting in to sysinstall and the way I have been doing it
is I select the 'standard install' instead of basic or minimal.

> >>...I have successfully used Partition Magic on NTFS partitions to make
> room
> for a FreeBSD slice. <<
> Provided that I don't understand why you suggest I use a different drive if
> the scsi drive I have works, I do have Partition Magic and, indeed, used it
> to remove the partition on this disk already.

I only say that because I thought at first that you didn't want to
overwrite stuff on it.   But, if that is no problem, go ahead.


> Thanks very much
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