I'm not a list subscriber, but I thought I 'd share a success I have
had getting my Linksys LNE100TX (ADMtek AN985 based) NIC to work for
sysinstall.  I've read a few previous posts where people claimed that
they had to install with a temporary NIC, configure a custom kernel,
then reinstall their Linksys card for it to work.  I've found that this
is not so.  Here's my basic setup:

IBM PC 750 -
P-100, 80MB RAM, 850MB IDE disk, Linksys LNE100TX NIC, SB16 ISA,

Apple iBook -
G3-600, 640MB, 20GB, built-in NIC, good 24x CD-ROM.

I tried to boot the PC off the FreeBSD 4.3 cd I have, but it was
scratched from another (bad) cd drive so that was a no-go.  Luckily the
iBook reads the scratched cd perfectly, which I've already used to
net-install an old IBM ThinkPad 360CE.  I booted the PC from the
standard floppies, bypassed the kernel config (the first mistake that
everyone else made too, I'm sure) and began to setup the (O)ptions for
the install.  I selected DHCP, set my ftp user to one on the iBook, and
proceeded to start a standard install.  When it came time to configure
the network card, the kernel spewed something akin to what is described


I tried following the instructions for deciphering what was going
wrong, but I seemed to get different addresses everytime I re-attempted
the install.  I'm sure this is what eveyone else would have run into as
well.  I did find that some of the addresses were found in the mii
code, so I brainstormed that it might be a conflict in the network

I began another re-install.  I went into the kernel config this time
and disabled ALL of the available network options.  Suddenly things
worked flawlessly and the NIC got configured (without a page fault) via
DHCP from the iBook and happily began the install.  Problem solved, and
the NIC works just dandy for sysinstall.

Another tip for those net-installing from an OS X Apple:  use a
standard user account for your ftp setting in sysinstall.  When you set
what FTP server to get the files from, specify
ftp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx//Volumes/fbsdxx_1 as the server and directory. 
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of the Mac, of course, and fbsdxx_1 is the
first disk of your FreeBSD release CD.

It made for an interesting install, almost as interesting as getting
the old TP running.


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