On Friday 10 November 2006 21:56, Doug Hardie wrote:
> On Nov 10, 2006, at 19:34, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> > On Friday 10 November 2006 19:17, Doug Hardie wrote:
> >> I have a bit of an unusual network setup situation.  I have a machine
> >> that is only used to store backups.  It gets moved around to
> >> different locations occasionally so it has to be able to live on a
> >> 192.168.1.x or a 10.0.1.x network without reconfiguration.  I also
> >> need a fixed last address byte so I can connect to it remotely.  I
> >> initially set it up with DHCP and then used an alias for the .250
> >> address on both networks.  That worked, but caused problems for the
> >> local network in one location.  The particular user couldn't
> >> understand why sometimes his computer got different IP addresses.  So
> >> I tried to establish the as the primary address and
> >> added an alias of  That works  in both environments
> >> except that there is no default route.  Is there a way to negotiate
> >> just a default route via DHCP and not an IP address? or is there a
> >> way to set the default route based on which IP address is in use?
> >> Thanks.
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> >
> > dhclient.conf can get pretty granular as to exactly what you want
> > from your
> > DHCP server.  myself, i use it to get everything, but to ignore the
> > domain
> > search mine tries to provide.
> >
> > man dhclient.conf and you will see tons of options (and some really
> > good
> > examples too).
> There are lots of options all right, but I couldn't find anything
> that would cause it not to negotiate the IP address.  All of the
> other options are configurable.
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i was thinking more along the lines, that you would pre-set your 2 ip 
addresses, and let the dhclient file request only default gateway.

or... might it not be simpler, to configure a static DHCP lease for the box at 
each site, thus guaranteeing that it always has the .250?  in the end, thats 
probably the "best mileage" way to go.

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