Hallo everyone,

On my FreeBSD 6.1 workstation, I have the following problems when
mounting CDs/DVDs containing Japanese file names which were burned on
Japanese Windows XP (SJIS,
Multi-byte extended Joliet). If I mount them normally ("mount -t
iso9660 /cdrom"), file names are garbled (ls shows ?????, etc). If I
mount them using "mount_cd9660 -C SHIFT-JIS", and then pipe the output
from ls through nkf ("ls /cdrom | nkf -Sw"), the file names are
displayed correctly. Naturally, this work-around is not satisfying,
and I would like to keep my locale set to ja_JP.UTF-8. Playing around
different locales when mounting did not work out either. Does anyone
here know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance ^-^
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