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Chris wrote:
> First of all the motivation of this is my tftp problem with the address
>   Trying to tftp from the same box doesn't reproduce the
> problem, whatever is happening gets cleaned up in the loopback device. 
> So I want to disable lo0 and route my local IP address over the local
> net and hopefully the router will deliver the packets back to me.  So
> how can I disable the loopback device manually?  I'd prefer to take it
> down manually when I'm testing rather than doing something in rc.conf
> and be able to bring it back up.
> ipconfig lo0 down
> but the route still existed according to:
> netstat -r
> so I did..
> route delete
> but then I tried to create a new route...
> route add -interface em0
> but according to..
> netstat -r
> it instead rebound to lo0...
> ?
> Chris

Don't think you can, because the loopback device is used by the kernel
for connecting sockets together properly for some services.

Why doesn't "tftp" work for you?

- -Garrett
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