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Vlad GURDIGA wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to keep very close touch with 6.1_STABLE cvsupping sources
> once a week or even more often. I'm thinking of removing as much as
> possible devices from the kernel loading them from /boot/loader.conf
> instead, so I could rebuild and install them without a whole
> kernel/world rebuild and reboot when sources change. I'm not sure this
> is a correct way, any piece of advice regarding this would be highly
> appreciated. :)
> So, I've successfully done that with sound and network card drivers,
> but did not succeed with removing bpf from the kernel. Booting a
> kernel with no bpf support, and with
> ng_bpf_load="YES" in my loader.conf, the pflogd fails to start with this
> error:
> Nov 11 20:22:33 uxterm pflogd[10251]: Failed to initialize: (no
> devices found) /dev/bpf0: No such file or directory
> Nov 11 20:22:33 uxterm pflogd[10251]: Exiting, init failure
> And, tcpdump also fails saying that "no suitable device found". Of
> course there is no /dev/bpf0.
> Is there any way to have the bpf0 device without booting a kernel with
> bpf device included?

Berkeley packet filter (bpf) is required for a lot of net related
things, such as dhcpcd, tcpdump (as you've discovered), amongst many
other things. Don't know if you want to go disabling that...
- -Garrett
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