hai all,

i am not able to configure my X-Windows system. i will be brief:

1.)  ASUS K8V-MX motherboard running AMD64 Athlon
2.) VIA K8M800, VIA 8T237R chipsets.

i downloaded FreeBSD 6.1 last night & have verified the "md5sum".
"Xorg -configure" does not work. GNOME is installed. then i tried
"xorgconfig -textmode" which worked & after checking my mouse,
keyboard etc it shows me the "video card list" which contains only 2
drivers "ati" & "vmware" & nothing else.  so i tried both drivers,
"ati" & "vmware" & edited "ttyv8" line in "/etc/ttys" to "on" from
"off". but all i get is Black Terminal.

does anybody has any idea on how i can configure X?

(i used to run Fedora Core 4 before that which installs "vesa" driver
for my VGA & it ran fine in "1024x768" mode. i have used FreeBSD 5.4
once which did show me a long list of drivers for my "video card"
including "vesa" & i ran my box with that & it was fine but with this
new FreeBSD i dont have any choice except 2 drivers i mentioned. )

-- arnuld
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