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dick hoogendijk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have the latest ports. I run freebsd-6.1
> I compiled almost every option / dataformat into mplayer.
> Still no streaming media. Although about:plugin states the format is
> supported (and mplayer is compiled to support the format too).
> No support for i,e.:
> http://cgi.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/tv/vara/dewerelddraaitdoor/bb.20061109.asf?start=0:0:1478.6&end=0:0:1875.8
> Streaming media with realplayer also does not seem to work.
> Anybody has ideas where to look for?

I usually look for the real URL of the stream if its not obvious:

$ fetch -o - 
-                                               0% of  195  B    0
Bps<ASX version = "3.0"> <ENTRY>
<Ref href =
<STARTTIME VALUE="0:0:1478.6"/> <DURATION VALUE="00:06:37"/>


Then play it like:
mplayer "mms://topstreams.omroep.nl/tv/vara/dewerelddraaitdoor/bb.20061109.asf"



$ fetch -o - 'http://cgi.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/tv/vara/dewerelddra
-                                               0% of  195  B    0
Bps<ASX vers <ENTRY>
<Ref href =
<STARTTIME VALUE="0:0:1478.6"/> <DURATION VALUE="00:06:37"/>


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