On Nov 12, 2006, at 5:03 PM, Erik Norgaard wrote:

So I thought: Is this like ethernet that I need a crossed cable or can I connect the two with an ordinary cable and check that it works?

There is no master nor slave in Firewire, all are peers, and all have (essentially) the same socket. If the cable fits, it works. Witness the difference between a hardware standard driven by Apple (Firewire) and one from Intel/Microsoft (USB).

Apple computers can be booted in "target mode" where the machine becomes nothing more than a Firewire hard drive. Only works for the primary drive, but works well. Apple recommends this mode (and Migration Assistant) for cloning user data and applications from one Mac to another.

You might also try fwe(4) if your other OS's are capable of doing IP over firewire.

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