I run a headless server and I've become fond of using the "screen" utility with SSH to allow me to launch a text-based application, detach from it, and then reattach to it later to see how it's going.

I'm wondering if there's a tool I can use that would allow me to do that with GUI applications. I know that I can tunnel X over SSH to have my remote headless server do the processing and my local machine do the display, but sometimes I have to switch off my local machine. This kills the display and thus kills the application. I might be able to figure out a way to set up a logical display on the remote machine, but then I wouldn't know how to "see" it. I'd have to tell the client application to switch Displays midstream wouldn't I? Can that be done?

Windows Terminal Services (RDP) gives the capability I'm looking for by "disconnecting" and "reconnecting" a session. Surely there's some way to get this capability with X, and I just don't know how.
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