What I found works is freebsd 4.x, and a Pentium 2 350-400Mhz
this was using risecom n/2 cards.

FreeBSD 6.1 doesen't work at any speed in this combo, it loses

Phoo. Does the pf or ipfw/altq stuff work on 4.x? I'm currently runing an ISA n/2 in an old BSD/OS box which works fine except that it can't do priority queueing, and I have some voip phones that would benefit.

With Cisco 1601's selling on the used market for $25 or so, there's
little interest among the developers in fixing this.  Also the wanic 4xx
is no longer in production, another disincentive.

Hmmn. I think I have a Wanic 500 around that I bought on ebay. Any support for those? Or should I just make my BSD box ether to ether and sit a Cisco on top of it?


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