Hello everybody.

   I?m working on a thing = I never tried before. I did some googling but
   I don?t think I haven?t found= any correlated to this.

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   size== 2>

   The situation is pretty simple: I?m conf= iguring a FreeBSD (6.1)
   server to boot from a SAN thru a QLogic 2340 Fiber = Channel card.
   This in general is not a problem as I already have another wo= rking
   machine with this solution.

   Now for a couple of reason not= related to FreeBSD this new machine
   won?t yet _boot_ from the SAN itself but at the same time ha= ve
   all the system installed on the SAN. What I need to do is have a boot
   de= vice that loads the bootsector, the kernel and then starts
   everything else = from the disk in SAN.

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   I thought about accomplishing this with a B= OOT-CD that starts up the
   kernel and then from the fstab loads the /, /etc,= /usr and so on from
   the SAN.

   Now my question is this: how do th= e kernel know where to search the
   fstab (considered that the fstab says whe= re to find the /etc)? I
   mean: I suppose I have to put on the CDROM an exact= /etc/fstab for
   that installation?? Or this could be avoided? Also because = I may
   need to edit the fstab for the machine without having to reburn the C   D? 
so what? Or maybe the kernel can actually just be read from the CD
   and t= hen everything else from the ( SAN | local ) drive? Am I
   missing something?
   I?m yet in the make buildworld buildkernel stage so maybe when m   aking the 
make distribution to create the ISO everything will appear
   cleare= r to me but right now something it?s not really clear.

   = I hope the= scenario is clear.

   Any suggestion? Any link to any kind of docum= entation?

   Thank you very much.

   Andrea Brancatelli

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