On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 09:03:20AM -0600, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> I am still somewhat confused as I have been looking at FreeBSD which I
> think is VERY good and have also recently been able to boot up the
> OpenDarwin 7.2.1 as well, but never could get the Darwin 8.1 cdrom to
> install.

If your desire is to purchase a commercially supported server then an
Apple Xserve would be hard to beat. I think you misunderstand the
purpose of Darwin and would be better served with FreeBSD.

> If I follow these messages correctly then it appears that FreeBSD is
> just as good as Darwin although I had expected that the inclusion of
> the CM kernel integrated with the FreeBSD kernel along with various
> other improvements would have made the Darwin software better.

I think you are spending too much time keeping score on minute details
and not enough time on the big picture.

> One thing that I can tell at the moment is that the FreeBSD OS seems
> to have better support for hardware since Darwin (Apple) if very
> specifically targeted to chosen hardware and also they seem to use
> these Carbon libraries for getting things to run which I do not kow
> where to locate more information on them.

No, Carbon has almost nothing to do with Darwin. Carbon is the API which
runs on top of Darwin (not a part of). Aqua is implemented in Carbon,
Carbon runs on top of Darwin. Carbon is not a part of Darwin.

> I would still like to do some more testing to get a better feel for
> what Darwin can offer, but the bottom line is that all of these are
> directly related to FreeBSD and are stable and fast compared to other
> non-FreeBSD related OS's.

Testing: good idea.

Speed: the slowest machine is one that is down.

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