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> Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same issues that I
> > am.. it's related to Samba-3.0.22c and sockets / filehandles.
> >
> > For some odd reason every couple days (~2 days) I have to restart the
> > smbd daemon because it eats up 6000+ filehandles, just for sockets I
> > assume (based on netstat output). At the point where it reaches 8000
> > some filehandles open, the system refuses to fork, forcing me to login
> > as root on the console directly instead of via SSH.
> >
> > My machine is a local / preferred master (smbd fights with XP Home
> > clients because they want to be master browsers), with limited access
> > to a few XP clients (<4 clients at any given point in time), plus an
> > XBox using smbclient with XBox Media Center.

Have you investigated the possibility that Samba legitimately needs more
filehandles than that?  Even if there are only 4 clients, they may be
opening 2000 files each (The output of smbstatus right before the system
exhausted its filehandles would be interesting)  If that's the case, you
can update the amount of available filehandles using sysctl or by
recompiling your kernel.

We have some PostgreSQL servers that require the filehandle limit be raised
to 50000, for example.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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