On Monday 13 November 2006 9:57 am, Michael Knoll wrote:

> I added a power down timer on one of my harddrives, and started
> getting READ_DMA and WRITE_DMA timeouts.  Is it possible these are
> occuring becuase the drive is spun down and FreeBSD isn't waiting long
> enough for it to spin up?  Everything else seems to be working.


> If that is the problem, is it possible to extend the timeout to
> eliminate these messages clouding my logs?

First, what kind of machine is this?  If anything other than a laptop, be 
aware that most harddrives have lifetimes measured in hundreds of thousands 
of hours, but a small number of thousand spin-ups.  If your drive is 
cycling many times a day, you could get a nasty surprise in a relatively 
short amount of time.
Kirk Strauser

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