On Monday 13 November 2006 10:11, Frank Staals wrote:

> The point is it isn't security through obscurity: as allready pointed
> out, FreeBSD & sshd can withstand those brute force attacks without much
> of a problem so there is no security problem, the only thing is those
> brute force attacks are anoying since they cloud authd.log If those
> attacks WERE a problem, or if there was a system which you could log in
> without user & pass if you would find out the correct port then, but
> only then, it is a bad idea ....

Given enough time, every user/password combination can be broken. Perhaps 
not in your lifetime, but it is still a real possibility. Given the 
relative ease of setting up keys and simply dispersing with user/passwords 
all together, I fail to see why more users do not avail themselves of this 
avenue of security. Then again, I don't know how San Diego came back to 
beat Cincinnati yesterday either.

Anyway, each to his own!


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