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Hi everyone. I just installed 6.1 on an old laptop, and I am unable to shutdown as user. I get a "permission denied" error message. I know that this is probably some simple permission's thing, as I don't have that problem on my desktop, but I'm pretty new to all of this and would appreciate a heads up on how to shut down as user. Thanks.

In some way or other, shutdown must be done by root, or possibly by
someone in the operator group.

You can log in as root -- for which you will need the root password
You can 'su' to root from a regular account -- for which you will need
             the root password AND be in the wheel group.
You can create an alkternate root account (recommended) and log in as
             that id or su to it -- which requires creating the account
             with password.
You can put your account in the operator group -- You can install and set up 'sudo' to do the shutdown and allow your id
             access to it.

All of these ways require you to have root access to set them up.
They can also be done in 'single user' mode which runs with root priviledge.

All of this is well covered in the handbool and other documentation.


Right. I now remember that putting the account in the operator group was probably how I achieved the affect on the desktop. I'll check that out, and check the handbook.

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