OK sounds like the answer is to not bother.  Kind of what I suspected.  The
tapedrive was not going to be a problem I was only trying to get the
workgroup option to work to back it up via TCP/IP to the Windows/XP system
with the tapedrive on it.

I guess I'll just stick with my current backup method.  The other drive on
the system runs windows so I just mount it and backup stuff to it and then
do the tape backups from there.
Just makes it a 2 step 2 OS boot thing to restore stuff from tape though.

William A. Gianopoulos
IT Security Engineering
Raytheon Company

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In the last episode (Jan 12), William Gianopoulos said:
> This has probably been asked before, but I could not find any info 
> searching the archives. I am trying to run the Linux version Tapeware 
> from Yosemite under FreeBSD 4.1.  It fails because the Linux syscall 
> sysinfo is not implemented.  My questions are:
> 1-  Is there some other port/package or option I should be using?
> 2-  Would a later version of FreeBSD fix this?
> 3-  Should I just give up?

You will face two other problems once you get it actually running:

* You won't be able to use it as a device server, since Tapeware sends
  raw SCSI requests to /dev/sg* on Linux.  The equivalent for FreeBSD
  would be to use /dev/pass* devices, and there is no emulation layer.

* Linux emulated programs always search /compat/linux/ before /, so if
  you ask to have "/bin" backed up it will back up /compat/linux/bin
  instead of /bin, for example.  I don't know if there is a useful
  workaround, since Tapeware is smart enough to not follow symlinks
  (otherwise you could ccreate a symlink at /compat/linux/realroot
  pointing to /, and ask Tapeware to back up "/realroot")

Tapeware is great software, but I don't think they are a large enough
company to be able to maintain a port to FreeBSD.  I think you can tell
Tapeware to back up NFS mountpoints, so you might be able to back up the
FreeBSD system by mounting it from another Linux box (or a Windows one if
the BSD one is running samba)

        Dan Nelson

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