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> Now my question is this: how do the kernel know where to search the fstab
> (considered that the fstab says where to find the /etc)? I mean: I suppose
> I have to put on the CDROM an exact /etc/fstab for that installation?? Or
> this could be avoided? Also because I may need to edit the fstab for the
> machine without having to reburn the CD? so what? Or maybe the kernel can
> actually just be read from the CD and then everything else from the ( SAN |
> local ) drive? Am I missing something?
Have a look at the following manpages:


This explains the FreeBSD startup system.

In short, you tell the loader which kernel to boot, and you tell the
kernel where the root filesystem is. The root fileystem is considered to
contain instructions on how to proceed from there.


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