On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 01:43:45PM -0800, Jay Chandler wrote:
> Howdy.
> Have a box that won't restart after I cvsup it and rebuild the OS.   
> When the 'reboot' command is given, the machine hangs after the  
> uptime announcement.
> Nothing built on the box other than OpenSSH and cvs-without-gui.
> The machine in question is a Dell PowerEdge 1950 with dual 3.0 ghz  
> dual-core procs.  I've turned on options SMB in the kernel before  
> recompiling, will test to determine if this is relevant.
> Anyone have any thoughts on this?

You forgot to mention what version you're running, but if it's
up-to-date 6.2 there's a sysctl for using an alternate reboot method
which is necessary on certain machines.


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