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> Well Giorgos,
> For starters the advice in that section is wrong for 2 reasons:

Noted.  Thank you Ted, for the  helpful comments :)

> pwcheck_method: passwd   does not work on sasl2 and FreeBSD 6.X
> You don't want to use sasl1 for many reasons, you want to use
> sasl2
> define(`confDEF_AUTH_INFO', `/etc/mail/auth-info')dnl
> is deprecated.

Although this is a valid comment, the original poster wants to configure
his Sendmail as an SMTP AUTH 'client' which authenticates to the server
of his ISP.  Now that I have read the Handbook section in detail, this
is not described in a step-wise manner.  I'll have to fix that...

> Note also the poster wants to know how to make his Sendmail auth into
> another mailer, he doesen't want to setup his own system to accept
> auth connections.

Precisely.  I'll try to extend the current Sendmail chapter with the
details about setting up an SMTP AUTH client with SASL2.  If anyone
wants to chime in and help me write a similar section for TLS, then
feel free to contact me at <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and we'll work
something into the Handbook.

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