This is more a windows problem and specific more a WINS/NETBios/name
resolution problem.
Do you got a dns server? Some kind of domain?

What I understand from your story the following happens: Client queries on
netbios level; who is \\computername to the masterbrowser list, can't find
on local subnet, hence not found. Broadcasts don't travel beyond own
subnet unless otherwise configured.

What you should do is either connect via \\ip\share or get yourself some
kind of AD DNS or a WINS Server and tell your clients to use WINS/DNS for
name resolution. Then it should work.

Hope this helps


On Mon, November 13, 2006 22:38, Marwan Sultan wrote:
> Hello Gurus,
> is the internet server dialer (winXP) ---> switch -->
> FreeBSD 6.1 NAT
>    clients are everything works great, Internet goes to
> clients from the fbsd server
>    all IPs can ping each other.. can ping
>    To here and its great.
>     But when any client 192.168.1.x tries to access the shared files on
>     it cannot. it says not a correct path, and it cannot see it, although
> it
> can PING it.
>     I asume the diffrences in IPs although its on same LAN makes this
> class
> cannot access the other.
>     Can someone kindly shade a light, on what should I do ?
>    Thank you
>    Marwan Sultan.
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