are you able to boot the kernel on the drive from the cdrom? (by interrupting
the boot loader on the cdrom and specifying the hard drive and kernel)

play with your BIOS setting, maybe you have to enable large disk support or
something. do you see the boot0 prompt at all (i think it says something like
"F1: FreeBSD")?? if you tried to install without boot manager and it still
didn't boot up freebsd, it's almost like your BIOS doesn't know how to load
the MBR, so maybe your BIOS settings are messed up.

I had problems with boot0 before, the FreeBSD Handbook and the FAQ's
disk/fs/boot section were really helpful. also look into boot(8).


On  0, Matt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> My apologies for the re-post, I sent first MIME-Encoded by mistake,
> Hi,
> I am attempting an installation of 4.7 Release made from ISO a few days
> ago on the following system: AMD Athlon 1400 Aopen AK77-333 MB Western
> Digital Caviar 20GB Hard Disk
> The system boots from CD A OK, and runs through the install without any
> problems, upon reboot after the install is complete the system reports a
> disk error and FreeBSD will not boot from the hard drive, it does not
> begin loading FreeBSD or anything at all.  Other OS's have worked on the
> same hardware with no problems, I verified the C/H/S settings for the
> FDISK, and they are okay, I have tried installing with the FreeBSD boot
> manager, as well as with the old Dangerously Dedicared mode, to no avail.
> I'm not really sure where I can go from here.  I suspected a problem with
> the hard disk at first but I have run all the Western Digital diagnostics
> on it, and they come out clean.  It is running at ATA100 with the proper
> cabling, and FreeBSD detects this, it also appears that all of the install
> files DO copy to the drive, as I can use the system immediately after the
> install from the Emergency shell on VTY4, right now it is online as such
> running Seti@Home packets without any problems, any help would be MUCHLY
> appreciated, thanks!
> Matt Rudderham
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