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Lorin Lund wrote:
>>> The biggest problem with MacOS X is that a lot of UNIX software that
>>> runs on FreeBSD and such, is not ported to MacOSX, and it's very
>>> difficult to compile on MacOSX.
>> This is completely wrong. Take a look at macports [1] (formerly
>> darwinports) for a large repository of UNIX software that compiles
>> very cleanly on OSX. It's nearly 7 years since OSX shipped to the
>> public. In that time, most opensource software was updated to compile
>> cleanly on OSX. The primary changes to allow this were to the
>> "configure" scripts so they recognize darwin as a base OS. If other
>> patches were necessary, most software maintainers accepted these
>> patches back into their trunk.
>> OSX has excellent support for most UNIX software.
>> cr
>> [1] macports.org
> In trying to compile A+ (see aplusdev.org) I had a few problems getting
> it compiled
> for FreeBSD (Because the A+ code was using the wrong macro to identify
> FreeBSD)
> But my efforts to compile the latest version for OS X.3 PPC have brought
> out errors
> that look like compiler errors.
> In my view porting to the MAC is harder (though I very much wish it
> weren't)

I'll give porting it a shot. The majority of the stuff I have on my
iBook is setup with fink, but I'll see if I can give it a go without the
fink binaries involved..
- -Garrett

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