Hello FreeBSD users,
I have been operating under the assumption that
the same network interface card cannot handle two
different networks. But then I seem to have seen
an example in one of the OReillĀ„ books on networking
that had one interface with one assigned inet address
and also aliased with another address that could only
be on another network. If I understood that right, it
seems to imply that I can use one Network interface
card for at least two different networks, like so;
192.168.1.<somthing> and
alias 172.0.0.<something>
alias 192.168.2.<something>
If this is possible is it accomplished via a special routing?
My concern is that I have a laptop with one network
interface, built in,  but would like to access it both at
a public static address and a private network address.
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for time and attention;
Jeff K

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