Hi Lowell,
The port maintainer wasn't able to reply to my first email, however, he
included the following in a reply to my post in questions which I've
included in case you should find it useful:
Check to make sure
your /usr/local/etc/ventrilo_srv.ini file can be read by the ventrilo
chgrp ventrilo /usr/local/etc/ventrilo_srv.ini
Also make sure that the log file is writable by the ventrilo user.
chown /usr/local/ventrilo-server/ventrilo_srv.log

I still am having no luck with it starting up by itself on a reboot, which
is my main goal, however, I'll keep on trying and have asked another
question. Not sure what else is to be done other than enable it in

On 11/13/06, Lowell Gilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Miles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Running 6.1 installed from the most recent .iso CD and sync'd ports
> through CVS, I wish to have the Ventrilo port start up as a daemon
> upon reboot, however, I'm not having any success in having this
> happen. I did some searching with Google and found little information
> specific to FreeBSD for Ventrilo at all, let alone a start up
> script. The port has one, but it seems to not work, rather it is that
> I do not know how to make it work properly. Trying to run it results
> in it exiting out without anything starting.
> Searching the Handbook, I found that section on rc.d, and modifying a
> sample script there I was able to get Ventrilo to start from the
> script, however, it still wouldn't work if I put a line in
> /etc/rc.conf
> ventrilo_enable="YES"

That should be enough.  Can you try calling the script by hand, giving
the "forcestart" parameter?

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