if anybody is interested in a perl program which allows one to
search & browse the ports index (w/o using make & going into the
/usr/ports), the required parts are...



  main program...


  module required (needs to be more thoroughly documented)...


...you may need to edit the "push" line in "BEGIN" in "parse-index.perl"...

  { #  location where non-default modules live
    #  ----
    #  change 'modules' to wherever you have stored above "Util.pm"
    #  ----
    push @INC, 'modules';

  use Util qw( check_hash max_length );

...to reflect the location of above 'Util.pm'.

(i know i need to automagic-ate this editing thing; as it is, it's
lousy.  working on it; please bear with me.)

  - parv


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