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That's the way I would go about it.

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Subject: It's time to bite the bullet and do a major upgrade from 4.11
to 6.0

The writing is on the wall and all that stuff. I've put this off long

What needs to be done to upgrade from 4.11 to 6.x?  I have an extensive
amount of ports installed and in googling and searching the list, it
seems I
need to make a jump to 5.2 then from there to 6.

My thinking is the best way to do this would be to cvsup, do the
of the world thing boot it to the 5 version then cvsup to 6.

The server is continuously backed up so rolling back won't be a problem
if I
need to.

Am I on the right track by doing source upgrades? If so, what
jump(s) do I need to make to get from 4.11 to 6?
That's a major set of version jumps though, so you may want to consider a clean install of 6.x via binaries, then source upgrade to 6.2 in a couple of weeks using cvsup once it's made stable; besides, reinstalling would be trivial if you copy down your /etc files you need to keep, as well as your packages / ports db (/var/db/ports), and home directories. Besides, if you do a clean reinstall at least you might claim back some space that was being used by leftover cruft from packages, uninstalled packages, or 'ancient' :) OS features.
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