Easiest solution for this is probably to get a dyndns address,
get the freebsd box to update this everytime its ip changes
via one of the dyndns clients... run the vpn server on the freebsd
box, and get the win XP box to connect to it.


Bill Moran wrote:
Sebastian Boldt wrote:

Hello ppl,

I want to setup an encrypted vpn between a
winxp and a freebsd5 box with both having
dynamic ips. Does someone know a piece of
software that is able to manage this?

Totally automatic? No, I don't know of any.
You could use mpd on FreeBSD to set up or connect to a PPTP
VPN from the WinXP box.  I don't know of anything that will
figure out the IPs though.  You'll have to see what IP each
machine has before you'll be able to connect.

You could use IPsec, but last I checked, the Win version of
IPsec did things a little differently than the rest of the
world, and wasn't 100% compatable in all modes, but you still
might find it usefull ... depending on exactly what you are
trying to accomplish.

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