On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 15:04 -0800, Josh Carroll wrote:
> > up in the 'C' column of top after I've rebooted with the newly compiled
> > kernel.
> Run top with the -S argument. You should then see two "idle"
> processes, one for each CPU:
>    11 root          1 171   52     0K     8K CPU0   0  72.1H 91.70% idle: cpu0
>    10 root          1 171   52     0K     8K RUN    1  72.2H 90.97% idle: cpu1
> Can you confirm whether you see that or not? I do not have APIC_IO in
> my kernel either, and it is showing both cores in top (Core 2 Duo
> CPU).

Thanks, yes, I see both cpu0 and cpu1 and cpu1 is 100% idle compared to
cpu0 only 45-50% idle at this time. I did some googling for
hyperthreadin after reading Bill's response and checked sysctl to find
these settings:

esmtp# sysctl machdep.hlt_logical_cpus
machdep.hlt_logical_cpus: 0
esmtp# sysctl machdep.smp_cpus
sysctl: unknown oid 'machdep.smp_cpus'
esmtp# sysctl machdep.hlt_cpus
machdep.hlt_cpus: 2

Looks like my hyperthreading is enabled and it is in the BIOS. I was
told there was a dual-core in the machine, but not confirmed. But there
should be two with HT anyway as seen, correct?


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