On Tuesday 14 November 2006 18:13, Scott Schappell wrote:
> The writing is on the wall and all that stuff. I've put this off long
> enough.
> What needs to be done to upgrade from 4.11 to 6.x?  I have an extensive
> amount of ports installed and in googling and searching the list, it seems
> I need to make a jump to 5.2 then from there to 6.

I'm about to do this, but I've opted for a clean install, as others have 
suggested - but with a twist.

I've installed an additional drive the same size as the original (80GB) - I'm 
going to install on the new drive, transplant data as needed from the old 
drive, and when I'm happy with everything, use gmirror to turn both drives 
into a little RAID-1 plex.

I'm also trying to do it remotely, with ssh access to the distant box and one 
right next to it, and a null-modem cable between them to give me serial 
console access during the upgrade. If it works I'll detail the steps here, as 
I wasn't able to find a quick and easy guide to this process anywhere.

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