Hi all,

In the /tools directory of all FreeBSD distribution there is an old
program named OS-BS written by Thomas Wolfram. It is a multi-OS boot
loader for MBR (there are two versions: osbs135.exe and osbsbeta.exe)
It is rather old, works only under DOS, does not support 1024 cylinders
boundary limitation, partitions hiding, etc.. Moreover os-bs has been
evolved into commercial SystemSelector so it is no longer maintained by
Thomas. However at the time being I continue the development of os-bs
under the name "mbldr", see:


It is under BSD license, has many cool features, ported under Linux,
BSD and Windows, supports extended partitions, etc. I would like to
suggest replacing os-bs with the mbldr at some point for FreeBSD
distribution if it is acceptable. Could someone recommend me who I
should contact (or what mailing list should I use) to discuss this

WBR, Arnold Shade
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