Hi Ian,

thank you for your answer.
I edited /etc/sysctl.conf and /boot/loader.conf, adding the
parameter/values you've given me, and rebooted the machine afterwards,
but it didn't change anything.
As long as X is running, I can switch between the text consoles and X
without any problem. But as soon as I quit X the screen wents black
and is unusable until I do a cold boot.
I can switch to a console and start X again, thou, but the text
consoles remain unusable.

Sorry for repeating the issue, but maybe I mislead you, because this
is just one problem (at least as far as I can tell). Trying to update
to a new BIOS version might a solution, I should check if there is
anything newer available.

I tried several configuration up to now, there are many location where
you can download them. All of them had the same problem, so I'm not
entirely convinced that this is an X configuration issue. But could
you sent me your configuration, so I can give this a try? If it
doesn't behave as my configuration does I might be able to locate the

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