On 11/15/06, Rachel Florentine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've spent a WEEK on this! I had someone who obviously
knew what he was talking about on the ldap@umich.edu list tell me to forget
about trying to build the openldap port from FreeBSD with options because
it's impossible! And he's right! Sorry!

Following my previous post, I would also like to add that after having
read your posts from that list archived on gmame, I wouldn't really
brag about it since you've been told to also look at documentation
before posting.

Finally, please note that the man was saying not to use the ports if
using db 4.3, which  has been discussed here several times in the
past. Take a look at the variables you can feed to your

So he never really said it was impossible but he was maybe assuming
that you were not up for it.

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