On Fri, 10 Nov 2006, Felix 'buebo' Kakrow wrote:

Hello List,
I tried gvinum RAID-5 with a 5-Stable around the time when 5.1 or 5.2
was released (afair) and back then it basically sucked big time. Raid
worked as long as nothing failed, but reconstructing a drive was
somewhere between very painful and not possible.

Now I will have to upgrade hardware soon, which means I could switch
from NetBSD (and Raidframe) to FreeBSD (with gvinum) again. I would
like to because NetBSD seems to have some kind of memory leak in
connection with Samba and large or many files, but I'd rather have a
somewhat unstable Samba than an unstable Raid, so what's the state of


I'm about to try; I have my home server stuck at 4.11 because I could never get gvinum to work reliably with 5.x, and the drives I had wouldn't
work with two different hardware RAID controllers (ex EMC ST446xxx's,
a DPT/Adaptec controller and a LSI controller - apparently only certain
EMC BIOS versions will work, and I don't have them).

I did find a posting by someone who installed gvinum/RAID5 recently (under
6.X) but there was nothing about stability.

Mike Squires
UNIX(tm) at home
since 1986

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