Aloha FreeBSD, I am one of the Training Managers at the Pacific Center for
Advanced Technology Training (PCATT), a non-credit, high-end IT
certification training consortium of the University of Hawaii Community
College System.  We are headquartered at Honolulu Community College.  At
an AFCEA conference in Waikiki last week, we had a request for FreeBSD
training.  We currently do Red Hat and Linux training. Do you know of
anyone in Hawaii using FreeBSD and is enough of an advocate we could
invite him/her to offer a presentation on FreeBSD?  The presentation would
be free and open to the public.  We think this would be a good way to
gauge the interest in Hawaii and perhaps pursue offering FreeBSD training
here at PCATT. Thanks.  

Jerry Cerny
PCATT Programs and Training Manager
Honolulu Community College
874 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, HI  96817
P: (808) 845-9215
F: (808) 845-3767

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