Hi Ian,
Hi list,

thanks for your configuration. No problem with the delay. :)
I removed your xorg.conf and your xorg.0.log, and added
freebsd-questions to CC again.

I tried your xorg.conf, but I'm afraid that I had no luck with it. It
works for me as my old config did, but the error is still the same: As
soon as the X server is died during the X session is displayed the
screen wents black and remains black. If I switch to a text console
before, and kill X (for example by hitting CTRL+C on the console I did
a startx on), X is killed and everything is fine.
This is why I think that X somehow fails to quit graphics mode
correctly, leaving the graphics chip in an unusable state.
Re-Initialising it to graphics by typing startx blindly works, thou.

BTW: I updated the BIOS and "Embedded System Controller" (or whatever
it is called) to the most recent version. Didn't change anything...

I think I'll have a look at the BIOS now, maybe I have a setting or
two that don't work well with FreeBSD or X.

Thanks for your time and help anyway. :)

On 16/11/06, Ian Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Christian,

sorry, slow, blame the 19 hour time difference :)

attached xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log (offlist)

Haven't had time to do diffs with yours yet, busy here, and my xorg.conf
may have conservative values, and I think you have an extra module or
two in yours, but you could see if anything in here works for you.

As to the sysctls, I hope you picked up my typo ('-' instead of '=') in
one line .. I just typed them in from the other laptop's screen :(

Cheers, Ian

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