g wrote:
Is there any one model or product that would be better for Freebsd 6 (as
this is my day in day out operating system).

Any experiences and or advise would be much appreciated.

I'd suggest you do NOT buy a Sony VAIO. The basic stuff works - like the screen, harddisk and keyboard - even mouse/touchpad. But then comes the trouble.

- I still have unresolved problems with USB
- I still have unresolved problems with ACPI
- Intel Wireless works but linkstate goes up and down
- Battery does not hold what it says: I have never got more than 1:30
  out of it - and they claim more than 3 hours - (I assume with power

But the screen is really great. So, my conclusion is that it is ok as an advanced DVD player/mail reader.

Cheers, Erik

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