On Nov 16, 2006, at 2:46 PM, VeeJay wrote:
Could you guys advise that

1. What should be the minimum / (Root) Partition Size? (So, I don't waste
lot of space just for Root)

It would help to mention which version of the OS you have:

128MB is probably a reasonable minimum, I tend to use 256MB.

2. What should be the minimum /usr Partition Size?

This depends on whether you are installing the ports tree and/or rebuilding /usr/src to update the OS.
2 GB is probably a reasonable low end, but 4GB would be much better.

3. For a FreeBSD Web Server (with mysql), what should be ideal BLOCK and

The defaults are fine, unless you have unusual requirements or huge (terabyte-size) disk volumes.

4. Which shell is best to use and secure? is it BASH or TCSH?

A matter of personal preference.
Note that /bin/sh is not BASH on FreeBSD, but a classic version of the original Bourne shell.

5. Network Confirgruations:
   a. host is just a machine unique name, to see/access on LAN, right?

The hostname can be relevant over WAN. Depends on getting your DNS configured.

b. If I don't have a domain name, so what "domain" I should give? could
it be just the ip address?

Some people use hostname.local or hostname.localdomain if they don't have DNS available.

c. can I change the LAN ip address which was given during installation with WAN ip address when server is up and running with direct connection to

Of course.  Change /etc/rc.conf, or re-run sysinstall.


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