Dear community,

I am having continuous problems with ADSL connections and FreeBSD servers.
I am running a few dozens of FreeBSD boxes and today in the morning a lot of
them were without internet connectivity. Looks like our provider had some
maintenance work or something.

What happened: the tech guy at one of the customers first rebooted the server
2 times and then he called me. We tried together:

1. first we tried to ping an internet IP address and the reply was "No
   buffer space available". After that we did "killall -9 ppp" until all the
   ppp processes died. After that we ran /etc/rc.d/ppp-user (it's a 5.3 box)
   again but the connection wouldn't come up (no route to host, when pinging).

2. After reboot everything worked as it should.

I really don't like to reboot servers as soon as they lose DSL connectivity.
Is there any "proper" way to reset the connection (network card?) so that the
connection restores without a reboot?

Previously I've been running Linux on these servers and at that time I didn't
have these problems - a reset of modem would always resolve the problem.

Mostly I am using rl network cards, if that's an helpful info, but somewhere
I also have sis and others.

My ppp.conf:

 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
 set ifaddr
 set device PPPoE:rl0
 set authname user
 set authkey pass
 set dial
 set login
 set redial 5 0
 add default HISADDR

My ppp.linkup:

 !bg sh -c "/sbin/pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf"

My rc.conf (ppp entries):


Thanks for your help,

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