> > My name is Anna Rajsman and I am working in Opera Software.

Hallo Anna.  Sorry for the rudeness you will get from many of the users
on here. I have been using Opera on *nix for nearly a decade now and
unlike our flamers, I understand all Opera *nix distro's fall under the
Linux subgroup at Opera ... whether this is linux, freebsd, or solaris.

> Recently I
> > took over Linux distribution at Opera 

Good deal.  A short piece of advice for you is to quickly realize *nix
is not monolithic like Microsoft software and Linux / Solaris / *BSD
are entirely separate (though similar is some respects) operating
systems and not subsets of each other.  Many of the more vocal users
(who often represent the minority of total users) will immediately tune
you out or not give you the time of day for you failing to realize this
as they perceive it as an insult.  It basically shows you didn't take
30 seconds and google to do you homework.  Its like calling a Porsche a
BMW because both are European manufactured cars.

> and I have been going through
> > the distribution agreements we have with Linux providers and I
> > haven't found any with FreeBSD Linux.

See above, FreeBSD is NOT a linux distro.

> > 
> > We would like to ask you if you would like to distribute the
> > Opera browser with your OS? Or maybe you are doing it already?
> > Would you like to sign a distribution agreement with Opera?

Many folk will question the need for this and to be honest, I am not
sure if Opera is currently already distributed on the FreeBSD port disc
(basically 3rd party application cd).  The PROPER people to contact
concerning this though are the folk over at the FBSD Foundation who
control the legalities.  See:


Last just to warn you, you will find many FBSD Opera users are hostile
to Opera itself.  Opera has long ignored FBSD specific problem with
their software in favor of focusing on Linux development only.  See
Opera's own FreeBSD forum.  Basically if the problem affects Linux and
FBSD its fixed, if it effects FBSD only its put on the back burner. 
This "use my product while we ignore your issues" has made many of us
current (and former) Opera users on FBSD embittered towards your org. 
We like your product, we despise your treatment of us.

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