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> Hi FreeBSD Team,

Hi Anna,

I'm a FreeBSD ports commiter and while I can't speak for the hole
project from a legal point of view, I'd be happy to keep in touch with
you so that we can sort things out.

Please note that you sent your email to our general questions lists.
Since Opera is a a third-party application for us the more adequate
list would have been [EMAIL PROTECTED] (CC'ed, please drop questions@
from CCs on further replies).

> My name is Anna Rajsman and I am working in Opera Software. Recently I
> took over Linux distribution at Opera and I have been going through
> the distribution agreements we have with Linux providers and I
> haven't found any with FreeBSD Linux.

As other pointed out in a rather rude way, for which I apologise,
FreeBSD (and *BSDs in general) are not Linux. Since we're rather proud
of our unix heritage  people do tend to get inflamed when someone talks
about BSD as being an some Linux distro.

> We would like to ask you if you would like to distribute the
> Opera browser with your OS? Or maybe you are doing it already?
> Would you like to sign a distribution agreement with Opera?

Opera is in our ports framework, both the native version and the linux
version (both maintainers CC'ed). I don't know offhand if we distribute
the binaries on our CD images; from reading the licence I don't see the
any requirement to have a signed agreement for this, but if this is not
the case please let me know.

I am using Opera as my primary browser since v3 or something, but I am
a little disappointed the the problems we're seeing on FreeBSD are
rarely addressed. And indeed the binaries you're producing are for
FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x while we will release 6.2 in a month.

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