On Saturday November 18, 2006 at 07:26:38 (AM) Wojciech Puchar wrote:

> while i use sendmail for many years and many of my users have outlook 
> express (it's their problem not mine, there are lot of normal mail clients 
> available for windows) and all works.
> recently i installed sendmail as one of server programs when configuring 
> machine for someone (standard "delinuxation" procedure). his users started 
> complaining about problems with sending mails. no problems happened when 
> receiving mail.
> while lot of his users use outlook, only part of them complains, but i've 
> seen it live.
> when outlook starts to send large mail, it sends first few MB then chokes. 
> sometimes it unchoke and send more data, chokes again etc.
> sometimes it says that server didn't respond for too long time and aborts.
> on server i started trafshow and it showed everything normal, but when 
> "choking" it showed transfer speed of about 2-3kB/s.
> there is no problem with cables, switches etc. as ftp sessions goes full 
> speed always both to and from server.
> all windows firewall was turned on or off when testing and it doesn't 
> change anything.
> position where it chokes is random.
> tested using pine on other machine (pine was set to send directly through 
> this sendmail) - no problems with 50MB mails, tested many 
> times.
> while i have network for over 300 users, maybe 20% of them using outlook 
> (those who refused to use thunderbird we install when connecting), but 
> none complained.
> could You please give me any quirk about what to check more and find the 
> reasons why it happens?
> his network has separate machine (still running linux now) designed for 
> traffic control. but traffic control rules are not port-based, and for 
> sendmail server there are no control just routing.
> can linux make such problems? i don't think so as FTP goes fine, but just 
> asking.

Where are your log files detailing this supposed problem?


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